The Orientalist Gaze on Japanese Rope Bondage

2020 年 11 月 16 日 iacs 0

Title:The Orientalist Gaze on Japanese Rope Bondage Shin Nawakiri/ (小林繩霧/縛.生) 2020 Nov. 25(Wed)2-5 PM Room A114, Liberal Arts Building I, NCU   演講摘要: BDSM is an umbrella term covering various non-normative sexual practices, some of them eroticizing sensations or emotions including pain or inequality of power. Among many such practices, “shibari” or “kinbaku”, a subculture that use rope for erotic purposes, was developed in Japan and eventually gained world-wide recognization in the last decade. Among the earliest western authorities of shibari was a person named Hans Meijer. In a magazine interview, he related shibari to Oriental philosophy, ki (chi), yin ….繼續閱讀